Requests anyone?

Most of the psds are invalid? So I guess they don’t count?

Anonymous asked:
"selena gomez psd? :)"

Of course, I’ll have it out when I finish deciding on the co-owners.

Anonymous asked:
"are you choosing co-owners now?"

Yupp :) Looking through all the PSDS :) I’ll get the names out by the end of the night!

bradfordicons-deactivated201401 asked:
"new tumblr of icons! could you please spread it to your followers? xxx"
Anonymous asked:
"are you picking co-owners today?"

No I changed it to the 17th because of school and my week is packed with tests :(

myflawlesshero asked:
"Should we send you more psds? :)"

If more want to apply but unless they use the photos I gave them then their application doesn’t count.

fuckingqties asked:
"hey i could be a co owner, check out my edits. :D plus I love photoshop."

Sorry, but you need to make psds.